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The NBA IS BACK...finally.

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Yes kids, the lock-out is officially over. Life is back to normal. Dogs are back chasing cats. Dinosaur Train is airing again everyday on public television, there’s another Twilight
movie, Bruce Willis is making another Die Hard movie, Lindsay’s back in jail, ….yep,
life is truly back to normal.

So you’re probably asking yourself, why do I care if the NBA is back? Well you have to be curious on what Prince looks like these days. Khloe and Lamar without the NBA turns into Kendra…and nobody wants to see that. Plus with Jack not making movies much these days you have to be curious if he’s even still alive, right? Laker games will keep you
updated. Plus Justin Bieber literally grew up before our very eyes at NBA games.

Aren’t you curious to see if Jay-Z, Kanye, and Diddy are still friends, or if Spike Lee
got a new Knick’s jersey? You know you want to see Kenny Smith show the world
just how insane Charles Barkley is 2 nights a week on their NBA show. I know I
do. Seriously, your fantasy football season is almost up…it’s true, face it. What
obnoxiously overplayed artist will be played on the arena loud-speakers this
year…hopefully Ne-Yo and Pitbull, we need more of that. The NFL is done in
January, and with Jay Cutler out and the Packers still undefeated, well, there
really isn’t much to look forward to if you’re in Chicago (until the Packers fail miserably in
their chances of repeating or staying undefeated). You know what comes after
football season? March Madness! Yes, more basketball. Such a fun part of the
year…it’s where you get to see more guys headed to the, wait for it…NBA!

February and March has nothing to offer you but spring training baseball. If you’re a
Sox fan, well first off I feel sorry for you, and secondly, um, you need a new
GM. Oh I kid, I kid, I like the Sox, you’ve just had a series of bad
off-seasons. And while the Cubs may have a buzz about them, well let’s face it, they are still the Cubs. Rome wasn’t built in a day…and Wrigley Field damn sure ain’t Rome.

So where does that leave you…in the loving arms of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, of
course. The Miami Heat would love your support this season, as they try to get
past that “overrated” tag that’s followed them the past year. This time things
will be different, they promise. Remember the hometown kid, Derrick Rose? He
was the MVP of the league last year…good kid, plays for the Bulls. Well he’s
back too. Shaq’s gone…I know, but he’s promised no more movies of rap albums so
we’re good there.

Oh, and just how do you expect VH1 to show Basketball
without basketball? I’m still curious to see just how billionaire
Mark Cuban flaunts his team’s NBA Finals win from last season. Will he give his
team golden Ferraris and strippers, championship belts, watches, platinum unicorns?
Plus you know you’re curious about the latest nonsense that goes on in the NBA.
Did you know Ron Artest changed his name, or that Sacramento and Minnesota still have franchises? Plus that NBA2K12 game is going to make a lot more sense once you can download free agent and rookies to the rosters, won’t it?

Anyways, welcome back NBA…you’ve been gone way too long.

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