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Sunday, 25 December 2011 20:50

Why you should be watching the NBA Featured

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This must be what a 16 year-old girl feels like when Breaking Dawn part one finally hit the big screens....happiness, relief, excitment. Why am I gushing? Why am I making this silly reference to 16 year-olds and pale yet beautiful-looking vampires that have never seemed to age despite being hundred of years of age? Well its because of three simple letters: NFL.

You see, the NFL has been the vain of my existance since...oh, August. I had such high hopes for the Bears to do well. I believed in Mike Martz and Jay Cutler coming together for a terrific season. I believed Matt Forte was going to dominate the NFC conference. I couldnt wait for our big showdowns with Green Bay, and watching Brian Urlacher toss Rodgers and Jennings like rag dolls. More importantly, my fantasy football teams relieved heavily on the producition of said players, as well as my secret weapon, Johnny Knox.

Well everyone of those guys with the exception of Urlacher is now injured. Infact, all of my running backs, even the subs, are no longer playing football today. My quarterback situation is about as shotty as my dating situation, and did I mention I lost my 1st kicker on the first damn day of the season. I'm on kicker number 4 btw...and I dont even care about having a kicker but the "league" says we need one...ugh. How comes there's no black kickers? Just sayin....The NFL has just done me wrong this year. Ive stopped updating my rosters for weeks now...who cares anymore. Facebook had to remind me that the "biggest game of the season" was still occurring, the Bears versus Packers in Green Bay. Thanks for nothing, facebook.

So needless to say I am frickin' happy as pie that the NBA season is finally in full gear. While I dont like bad basketball, it at least gives me something credible to watch for the rest of winter. The idea of seeing Kobe bryant's relationship drama play out for an entire season has me pumped. Plus that means another season of VH1 Basketball wives, I'm sure that will make for some interesting tweets. I'll finally know what Spike Lee is doing with his'd think he'd spend more time talking to Woody Allen, wouldn't you? Weird. Shaq is joing the TNT studio crew, which makes tv's best sports gre-game/post game show even better. Plus, i'll admit, I actually like Kris Humphries. I do. I even know what team he plays you?

Im guessing you proabaly arent as excited as I am about the league returning, but let me give you just a few reasons why you should watch:

Miami's holy trinity of evil is back. The team everyone hates is back and are the favorites to win this yhear's NBA championship. Talent-wise alone, Wade and LBJ are incredible enough to beat every team in basketball, unfortunately you have to play with five. The Heat took a major step in the right direction by signing Shane battier. Who you may ask? Well besides being my favorite current NBA player (yes it's true), Battier is the one player in the NBA who is willing to do anything and everything for a team while still playing at a high level. The 6'8 guard/forward plays defense like a monster while also being able to shot the 3 ball very well. Unfortunately it's two steps forward, one step back as the heat also signed Eddy Curry for some odd reason. Curry is collecting over 10 mil for eating Big Macs the last 3 years. He's probably played in A game (yes, 1 game) and might as well be wearing a ski mask over his head while cashing checks. I hope he has direct deposit. The Heat also decided not to upgrade their point guard position, relying on Mario Chambers to develop. Thats great and all, but putting your faith in Chambers to turn into a starting point guard is just about the same as putting your faith in Kevin Smith not making another movie that doesn't suck. (sorry Kev, it's true. Step your game up, bud.) While I fully expect the heat to compete if not win it all this year, watching them fail and get beat is always a highlight for any basketball fan.

I would like to see if Kim and Kris can work things out, plus how is Khloe going to adapt to living in Dallas? Speaking of Dallas, why are people still signing Vince carter to any type of contract. He's not even good on NBA2K12 anymore. You know you're starved for basketball when you can't wait to see the Clippers play. Yikes! let's not forget the trials of GSW. Who's that, you ask" Well GSW, or the Golden State Warriors, are a team from Oakland or San Francisco...who even knows anymore, who...well lets just say they have issues with 'winning". They have no issues scoring, yet they seem to be allergic to defense. Like your friend's kid is allergic to peanuts and needs a shot if he eats one, yeah the Warriors need a shot nightly. New head coach Mark Jackson has high hopes and big dreams of bringing a defensive mentality to Golden State. Jackson also had big dreams of beating the Bulls when he was with the Knicks and the Pacers. some dreams just don't come true, mark. At least you'll have some coaching experience, even if it was with GSW.

And since we are talking about Chicago, let me tell you there is not alot of good that comes out of Englewood. There's, and Derrick rose. We'll give Derrick the headlines here as he did just sign a 90 million dollar contract after being named league MVP last season. To come so far from so little is impressive, and shows kids that it is possible. it's also possible that the Bulls could go to the finals this year. They are bringing back basically the same team,  with key additions being the rookie Jimmy Butler and veteran shooting guard Rip Hamilton. Butler will help ease the pressure of guarding LBJ and Wade as he has the size and speed to keep up with them for a few minutes, so that neither will be able to torture Kyle Korver for minutes at a time He tries so hard, doesn't he? Kyle, we get it, you shoot 3''re not suppose to be guarding 6'9 300lb "small" forwards. Hamilton steps in as starting guard along size Rose and fits like a glove. A 100% upgrade from last year's starter Keith Bogans, Hamilton can shoot the lights out and play defense, and will punish defenders trying to double or help on Rose, Deng, or Boozer. If they stay healthy, the Bulls have more than a legitimate shot at not only repeating as the NBA's best team, but as this year's newest NBA champions.

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