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Monday, 12 July 2010 19:48

311 Heats up Northerly Island

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The night is cool and the crowd at Northerly Island is ready to heat up. The crowd’s anticipation starts quickly and the press gets ready. Devoted fans and enthusiasts start yelling as 311 appears and opens the show with “Down.” The crowd is pumped. For everyone who became a fan of the band when they released their self-titled album, they’re brought back to 1995 as 311 performs.

The crowd follows the rush that is set by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Nick Hexum. They jump and wave their hands in the air as if they just don’t
care—moving like a sea of humans that even a BP oil spill couldn’t calm.

311 allows each member to shine as they make the crowd feel as though they’re the most important fans on the planet. They show appreciation and
loyalty by talking with the audience and playing songs from their whole repertoire. Covering basics from their first album to their latest releases, 311 isn’t afraid to play anything because they know their fans will support
them with every song they play. 311 performed well at Northerly Island on
June 29th and will always play a great concert that leaves you with a smile
on your face.





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