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Friday, 12 November 2010 21:15

GWAR Hits Chicago in Bloody Fashion Featured

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Looking like a combination of the 1980s Musclemen mini action figures, Rob Zombie comic books and Fangoria magazine, Gwar takes the stage with a no-holds-barred attitude. Having been around since before Rob Zombie,they’re everything one would expect. Playing metal music in their natural clothing and letting people wonder if any of them are the original members.

The time is October 26, 2010, and the place is House of Blues.  The lights dim and the green laser lights with fog are on and the zombies spewing blood creep onto the stage with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” resounding. Aiming for fans and photographers alike, Gwar sprays blood everywhere. The fans who wore white to celebrate the event are now head-to-toe in red. Wanting blood like a vampire in *Blade*, the crowd receives their sustenance to live.

Flattus Maximus strums an opening chord and the crowd becomes rowdier than the at a Justin Bieber concert. The energy is ironically happy and positive. The fans of Gwar take their music seriously and you better not call it a joke. They’re an army of plenty and are willing to cast these people to outer space if they choose to insult their form of entertainment.

Gwar brings the essence of a true experience to the stage. They play metal music and bring more props than a sex toy salesperson; and unlike that salesperson, Gwar actually uses their props in person. They include fake genitals, dead pig fetuses and robots with buzz-saw arms that rip apart evil aliens and creatures.

Gwar has continued to set the bar for metal bands from other planets and Earth. They never apologize and they never back down from what they do best: performing a top quality show that could make anyone enjoy the art of Metal.

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