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Saturday, 05 March 2011 14:47

Tonya Kay on top of the world. Featured

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Meet one of the stars of the Video Game Reunion here. The show is going on at this link, right now!!s1/episodes/episode_1



Tonya Kay is an entertainer. Tonya Kay is a good steward of animals and earth. Tonya Kay is the voice of Green Girl, a lead comedic actor in the "life of it's own" movie Bold Native, Princess Peach on March 8th's launch of the Comedy Central special Video Game Reunion, has performed for Conan O'Brien, Japan, and toured in 2007 with Panic at the Disco.

Tonya also toured with STOMP, landing the opportunity in New York, and as a former Bridgeport  (Chicago) resident, she knows a few things about Chicagoland. Meet a person who's been in the business and makes the best of it. In a position to influence people with messages of vegan-living principles Tonya Kay does. She truely is a Bold Native in every sense of the phrase.



A vegetarian/vegan for approximately 30 years, when on tour with Kenny Rogers a while back, a road-stop to eat convinced Tonya that it was time to go entirely vegan after a slew of neon-color-packaged food with little to no appeal or health value finally drew the line.





A real athelete who performs very energetically; Kay proves that there is power in nature and conscientious dieting. When you see the volume of her work, the level of performance involved indicates her dedication to a healthier earth for herself and her contemporaries and followers. A CEO, a performer, and a humanitarian...great.

The film Bold Native, the first fictional movie of it's kind regarding animal rights, is screening publically in Chicagoland on March 5th. Screenings in other cities are avialable in the link below. The DVD of Bold Native is available at the link below . So is the link to the DVD of the Rawman and Green Girl animated specials.

The Chicago screening of Bold native takes place at The Maekeen Room on 500 W. Cermak. The screening is at 3p.m., with a vegan bake sale before and after along with a raffle.
Here is a link to the R.S.V.P. for the screening: You must R.S.V.P!

On March 8th gamers and all fans of the comic community can turn in to watch the launch of a 13 part series directed by Matthew Lewis which will show on Comedy Central's
After 25 years of prime-time video action, the ultimate video game character crew of Princess Peach, Mario (Mario Bros.)get together for this huge gamers special. Where have they all been since the limelight of their 25 year reign over game-land? Watch and see.
Get ready to laugh.
( Tonya Kay as Green Girl )
Thank you for watching.
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