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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 19:13

Bears fall flat on Monday Night Featured

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I’ve been gone way too long, or in the case of the bears, not gone long enough. I knew my reporting on the recent misery of the Bears season would be skewered into the land of negativity, so why bother talking about it. What more could I tell you about a bad Bears team. Well unfortunately Monday’s lost to the once-league laughing stock Detroit Lions could be the sign of the rapture finally coming to Halas Hall.


Its fine that you lose to the lions, they are playing really good football this season, but you don’t go out there and embarrass yourselves on national television, which is what they did. If I’m a free agent or any player or rookie on the market next off-season there’s no way in hell I’d want to play for an organization like this…not under this regime.


One point in the pre-season general manager said he was more than happy with the offensive line he had in camp. I wonder if he still feels that way. He should have asked jay cutler what he thought about the men who are supposed to protect him. There was one play during Monday night’s game where a bears lineman (who will remain nameless because he will probably be a former bears lineman by the time this is published) barely laid a hand on the defensive end in front of him, who threw Cutler to the ground 100th time, and the lineman looks down at Cutler like it’s jay’s fault. Impressive. And its not just this guy, it’s a continuous suck that the line as a whole has been. You can’t blame cutler anymore. He could have quit on this team, the fans, everyone…but he keeps going out there, getting his ass kicked every game, and doesn’t say a word. He could be mf’ing those linemen up and down the sideline every game, but nope, he just goes out and tries to win with what life has given him…poor guy.


And the blame is to be spread around. Notice any pressure coming from the defensive line lately besides Julius peppers? Just like the linebacker slot there’s no depth on the defensive line. Somehow this is supposed to be okay?


And if you haven’t realized what an ass-clown Brandon Meriwether is you just haven’t been paying attention. He doesn’t tackle he just throws himself into people to knocked them out…or get fined which is what has been happening the past few weeks, and that’s only when he gets the play right. Speaking of getting the play right, when Cutler has to yell at you to get in line or physically put you in the right spot something is truly wrong.


Jerry Angelo’s ship isn’t just going down, its on fire and being blasted by pirate ships. These were his decisions; he decided not to upgrade the offensive line. He decided the defense didn’t need more depth. He decided that Roy Williams was a good idea. He decided to draft Major Wright. And for all of this Jerry Angelo deserves to be fired. And take Lovie with you.


This weekend’s game against Minnesota will be no different. The bears will show life, but expect the Vikings to blitz and pressure cutler like madmen, as the bears have proven they can’t handle the pressure. Look for Jared Allen to have a great day. I’d love it if the Bears showed some kind of life, but after the Monday night debacle, I’m not expecting much of a fight.
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