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Thursday, 20 October 2011 16:10

London calling for Bears against Tampa Bay Featured

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             Yikes! I just got the chills from reading my buddy Ken Payne’s article about H.H. Holmes, America’s 1st serial killer right here from Chicago (we’re number 1!). This Screams in the park thing sounds like a very scary adventure, much like the Chicago bears offense, which is spending the weekend in merry ole’ England taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


            Ah, yes chap the Bucs. Remember when Tampa Bay just sucked? I mean they were bad, worst than bad; they were a team your grandma and her friends from the assisted living home to give a game to. And then they got good for a while, just a little bit, and then back to Suckville, USA. Right now, Tampa Bay kind of hangs out in Suckville and Under-rated City. Is it weird that in this weird land the Bucs reside that there’s a pirate ship? Nah, its very normal.


            The Bucs have a pair of big receivers in Mike Williams and Arnelious Benn, which could be a problem for our little-guy defensive backs. Since we’re talking about the secondary, have you noticed the mess that Lovie Smith has created back there? Headhunter Brandon Meriwether is on the bench, while Chris Harris, the same Chris Harris who we were counting on to be a steady force at safety, the same Chris Harris who the bears were dying to get back after he got injured early in the season, is now the same Chris Harris that resides in street clothes and inactive, begging for a trade after being demoted and de-activated last week after missing a coverage the week before. Mind you Harris is still a little injured and came back to help the team. Guess we’ve all learned a lesson there. Both of these guys were brought in because Major Wright isn’t ready yet. Well guess what, the still not ready for prime-time Wright is starting now…oh Lovie.


            Anyway this is about the Bucs. At running back is LeGarrette Blount, who is young and has potential game-breaking power. He gets blocking by the capable Earnest Graham, who at one time led the NFL in rushing. This provides issues for the bears as quarterback Josh Freeman has yet to be figured out by the league. Not quite a runner, not quite a stay at home guy, Freeman is no longer under anyone’s radar. He’s good. He’s young, fast, and has quite the arm. Is he Rodgers or Brady yet? No, but given the right circumstances or right defense he could look like a quarterback on the verge of stardom.


            Freeman spent a portion of last week’s game against the Oakland Raiders fighting with his favorite target, tight end Kellen Winslow. There’s lots of frustration between the two, and a little Bears' agitation could knock either player off their game.


            The Bears offensive line had one of their better games, finally finding a line-up that’s steady and works, which will have its hands full with the youthful speedsters the Bucs have. No big names on this front seven, but all with potential to get to the quarterback. This team was built to pressure the ball and stop the pass, which means the Bears could take advantage of the versatility Matt Forte provides. While using all our weapons at wide out seems fair, it’s Forte where the offense moves, and that can’t be over-looked.


            The Bears should have the crowd on their side, as everyone loves the Bears (sorry Cowboys, and suck it Green Bay), plus if you lived in Tampa why the hell would you want to leave there and go to rainy England? Unless the Queen is requesting to see you, or Elton John has written a song about you, it’s probably best you stay home, Bucs fans. You saw what happened to Al Bundy when he went there. Same thing happened to Chevy Chase and his family. Don’t let that be you.


            The Bears look at this as a business trip, as there will be no sightseeing tours or visiting of the Paul McCartney or the Jonas brothers (is this where they live?). Just business as usual, much like their waxing of the Vikings last weekend. If Jay Cutler can command the offense like that once again, and the offensive line keeps the ship upright, the Bears should have no issues moving the ball. Now whether the defense stops anyone or anything is a whole other story entirely. Carry on, chaps.
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