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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 21:49

Scooby's Red Hots - Arlington Heights

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scoobysOver the weekend I tried a new little place off of Arlington Heights road called Scooby's Red Hots. My friend has visited them before and recommended we stop there for a burger. We pulled up to the establishment and noticed a man standing just on the other side of the entrance...


Over the weekend I tried a new little place off of Arlington Heights road called Scooby's Red Hots. My friend has visited them before and recommended we stop there for a burger. We pulled up to the establishment and noticed a man standing just on the other side of the entrance. He stood there authoritatively, crossing his arms then putting his hands on his hips. The man made way when he saw us coming to enter, and assumed a new position behind the register. He took our order for two cheeseburger meals in a friendly manner and communicated our needs to the boy doing the cooking.


Our food was ready very fast, which is always satisfying. The meal was served in a wax papered basket and, taking up nearly all the space within, it appeared to be a hefty portion. That was until I took a bite of the burger and got a mouthful of bun. The burger patty has to be the smallest I've seen anywhere. This immediately made me put Scooby's Red Hots in the red. The genuinely large amount of fries they provided me with brought me to a neutral standing with them at best. I washed it down with a Green River and tried to think I was full. That small burger patty still upsets me.


The atmosphere is that of old posters or signs on the walls, many advertising the very restaurant that you are already sitting in. I put a quarter in the sex appeal grip test machine, and the lightbulbs flickered and fell on the one they started on, which happened to be whatever the highest level is called. I'm still not sure if those things are supposed to measure if you are attractive, or horny.


The most interesting thing about Scooby's, though, was something I noticed before we even entered. There was a sign in the window that said "No Pizza Parking." I wasn't sure if this was meant to be a serious prohibition until I actually witnessed somebody park in front of Scooby's to pick up pizza at the pie joint a few spaces down the lot. The guy who helped us with our order ran outside to question and berate the young couple who had used one of his parking spots. This surprising scene was very amusing, and also answered the question in my head of why this guy stands around by the front door. I found it true that there weren't many spots outside for potential Scooby's customers, and this fact compels who I will assume is the owner to take matters into his own hands. While this makes him seem more of a stringent and uptight man, he also showed a personality that supported the friendly décor. A childboy used the gumball machine, which produced for him a flawed ball. The kid showed it to his mother, saying "this one's broken; it has a crack in it." The front door attendant overheard this and quickly purchased a new gumball using a quarter of his own to give the boy. This tender act of benevolence earned him a turn of honor from me.


So Scooby's might not be a place I'll visit again soon, but it's convenient location and humble genre will probably pull me in for another meal in the somewhat distant future(so long as there is a parking spot available). Prices aren't all that bad, although I remain to say that my biggest beef is the lack of beef. At a place like this, if you are spending the usual 5-6 bucks for a burger meal the meat is normally not something to balk at. If I want a small greasy cheeseburger I will buy it for cheap from some fast food chain. I will go to a place like Scooby's to pay a few bucks more for a change of scenery and some grub made with a bit more care. It comes very close, but next time I think I will try their hotdogs instead.

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