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"This" Attempts To Identify With Thirty-Something Doubt

25 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

I thoroughly enjoy the Windy City Playhouse and it appears they did a renovation since I was there last. The…

That's Weird, Grandma's Summer Series A Fine Credit To Barrel of Monkeys Great Work With CPS

24 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

For those of you who are not aware, there is a great youth program taking place where a group of…

Review: Company at Writers Theatre

24 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Imagine a 70s-era Woody Allen movie set to music. That's basically "Company" by Stephen Sondheim. It premiered in a time…

Vegas Report - The Australian Bee Gees Create Nostalgic Heaven

23 June 2016 in In Concert

One thing for sure - there is no shortage of shows to see in Las Vegas. Home to some of…

Vegas Report - Vegas! The Show Brings Back the Golden Olden Days of Vegas with New Energy

22 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

As I sat down in my second row center seats in Planet Hollywood Casino Hotel and Casino’s Saxe Theater, the…

Vegas Report - Jabbawockeez Is An Exciting Dance and Comedy Adventure for Everyone

22 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Las Vegas - Dazzling light displays, glitzy hotels with themes ranging from some of the planet’s most desired locations such…

Vegas Report - Donny and Marie at The Flamingo, Fabulous 1970's Fun and Glamour!

22 June 2016 in In Concert

I still remember dancing with my brother in front of a wall of mirrors on our shag carpeted living room…

Vegas Report: V - The Ultimate Variety Show Lives Up To Its Name

22 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

My guests and I were seated directly in front of the center stage - I could touch it. I had…

Review: The Grapes of Wrath at The Gift Theatre

22 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

"It's a wicked book," Steinbeck once said of his Pulitzer Prize winning novel "The Grapes of Wrath". The seminole book…

40 Years of Spanish Art Form Mastery Comes to Life in "Flamenco Passion"

19 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

I love flamenco for its sensual power and the amazing way both female and male dancers, whether solo or couples,…

Deathtrap: A Steady Diet of Curveballs

19 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

When it comes to an engaging mystery thriller, the need for finely-written, well-executed twists, turns and the unexpected are imperative.…

A Journey of Self Discovery with Ben Hecht

17 June 2016 in Theatre Reviews

When I say the name Ben Hecht most of you will look at me with confusion not knowing who I…


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