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Kenny Rogers Folds 'Em with "The Gambler's Last Deal" Tour

26 July 2016 in In Concert

On a night that threatened heavy rains, the weather ultimately cooperated instead delivering a dreamy summer night for Kenny Rogers…

Martin Barre Band On Tour - Rock You All Night Long

26 July 2016 in In Concert

There is nothing better than seeing a concert driven with high energy. The audience waits with excitement for the concert…

Real Chicago Grifters Vie to Survive in Chops – a success of Mametian proportions

22 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Right out of the gate CHOPS is a winner – in performances, production and script. Playwright Michael Rychlewski captures that…

WOZ: A Rock Cabaret That Falls Short of Expectations

18 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Pinterest fails are an internet sensation, with recognizable side by side pictures illustrating the difference between expectations and reality for…

Vietnam Era Angst Recalled In Weak Eroica

15 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

It is with a heavy heart I confess that I cannot recommend the play Eroica. David Alex’s melodrama is not…

Scientology Exposed Like Never Before in Schenkelberg's "Squeeze My Cans"

15 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

It goes something like this: “Sit down, relax and squeeze the two cans in front of you” The cans are…

The New Colony’s "Kin Folk" Is A Humorous and Poignant Look into Self-Actualization

15 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

Who’s to say how we each should be identified? Whether labeled as a man, woman or even a dragon, those…

Sweet Honey In The Rock with Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Voices Ring Loud at Ravinia

13 July 2016 in In Concert

It is rare indeed when one goes to see a concert featuring a total of fifteen musicians, yet only one…

Putting the Bust in Ghostbusters

12 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

There are something’s that just stick with you from your childhood. Any time a reminder of said memory comes up…

Factory Theater's "Dating and Dragons" A Hilarious Look At Gamers and Love

11 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

The Factory Theater Company just opened their latest production, Dating and Dragons, in its adorable space in the heart of…

Review: Steppenwolf's Between Riverside and Crazy

11 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

It’s not often a theatre company tackles two Pulitzer Prize winning plays in one season, but Steppenwolf is doing just…

Magically Mirthful - First Folio's A Midsummer Night's Dream Under the Stars

10 July 2016 in Theatre Reviews

In one of William Shakespeare’s most popular works, A Midsummer Night’s Dream has been performed widely across the world, this…


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