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Wednesday, 04 August 2010 19:13

Woods Bash 2010! Randy does it again! Featured

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The sky down poured all night long and into the morning leading up to the show. Skittish people afraid they would melt started to proclaim that the out door party would be cancelled. As luck would have it for the second year in a row the sky cleared up and the sun peaked out. The ground started to dry up and mother nature allowed Woods Bash 2010 to go on as planned. Big Randy put together a great show as always. The entertainment consisted of four incredible bands that played throughout the day. This was a true party!!


First band up was the new group out of the O’Hare area of Chicago called Ballistic. This group warmed up the place in style. Performing mostly cover songs from the classic rock genre, the band played their set of songs to wake the crowd up, and that is exactly what they did. The songs “Crossroads” and “Sunshine of Your Love” were definite highlights for the lunchtime crowd. The crunchy guitars, sweet vocals, and in sync rhythm section was a great start to the party. They finished up with an original song called “Red Ducati” that was the best performance of their set and it blended into an extra long jam of Nugent’s “Stranglehold.” They were fun.


Rhino 39 took the second spot with a vengeance. This group was a solid head bangers band every step of the way. Performing a song from Metallica seemed to be an easy task for such a rock solid band. The bass player and drummer paved the road for the rest of the group to follow. The grooves were deep and heavy old school metal. They brought out a Drowning Pool song with a little count off, getting the crowd to be involved with the show. “One, Nothing wrong with me – Two, Nothing wrong with me.” As the opening line “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” started the song, concert goers were carrying a devilish grin. Once Rhino started in with Pantera’s “Walk” most heavy metal enthusiasts couldn’t contain themselves any longer.


Rising Up Angry out of Florida had some issues and showed up late so their set was cut short. This highly professional band came in and performed a short set blowing the woods apart. Louder than the previous two bands, this group was over powering the vocalist and PA on every move. They band was so powerful and was just amazing. What bleed through on the vocals was incredible as well, but could barely be heard. They were just a high energy band; they were super tight and never made a mistake musically. It would be suggested to see this band in a setting with a PA that can keep up with their enormous sound levels. It might be nice to actually hear them with vocals. Oh yeah, they were that loud!


The AC~DC tribute band Problem Child was undoubtedly the best band of Woods Bash 2010 and had the most seasoned musicians of the party. This group came in sounding just like the group from down under with all the power and the show of the heavy rocking band. The boys jammed a bunch of the old classics from this band and a few of the “B Side” songs as well. They played the songs “T.N.T.,” “Whole Lotta Rosie,” and “Sin City” imitating one of the most popular bands in the world. The guitar player came out dressed like Angus Young playing solos note for note just like the master. The vocalist did a great job of putting on a show when he climbed on the roof of the pavilion. Problem Child was definitely as close as you could possibly get to being AC~DC without actually being the real McCoy. They were just awesome and definitely the main event!!


The show went on with no rain and no one melted. The crowd came and had a great time listening to all the bands that played for their pleasure. Big Randy and his crew put together a party and led the masses to it. What kind of fun will 2011 bring? Winter Bash and Woods Bash of 2011 will be great, but it will be hard to top 2010. This was one for the record books.

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