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Monday, 10 January 2011 12:57

Was Led Zeppelin 2's Performance Dazed and Confused? Featured

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Led_Zeppelin_2Living in what can seem like an ice box for months in a row blows! However, the way Tribute Bands are treated by crowds can be additionally brutal.

Take the instance when a man, John Ritchie, was up on stage in front of a New York audience in the 1800's. Massive amounts of rotten tomatoes were thrown at him by the audience, and it lead to one hitting him smack dab between the eyes. The poor man fell to the floor of the stage, and is the first performer on record for having had rotten tomatoes and eggs thrown at him (merely because some people in the audience did not like him ( 2011.)

Well, a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band, Led Zeppelin 2, are known to be nothing to sneeze at. Led Zeppelin 2 are snowflakes in the globe of Led Zeppelin Tribute Bands since they not only play the legendary rock band's songs, but they re-enact their previous real-life performances, as well ( 2011.)
Let's see if they receive any free tomatoes, or the cold shoulder, from any weathered chicago concert-goers tonight.
First, some higher-ups at the House of Blues actually gave the excited, good-looking 21-40ish aged crowd the "Bird!" I'm speaking of the Chicago's, "The Loop," radio personality, Bryd, of course. The "Bryd" got the audience going more after saying they'd be seeing all of Led Zeppelin 1 this evening.
While the audience waited for the curtains to open, some eager beavers lifted them on their own. Consequently, I was able to get a glimpse, too, of the happenings beyond the curtains, and saw a guy's behind--his buns were wrapped in blue, bell-bottom jeans.
At last, Led Zeppelin 2 came out on stage to emulate the worshiped Led Zeppelin band--what a tall order, but the lead singer looked to be about 6ft without heels. During their first set they fell a little short due to a few instrumental oopsies, and there was one breif brain freeze. It was just about which song to play next, but the crowd seemed to care less. Besides, such incidents happen to the best of the best.
Pot was out and about, and to use the word in a different way, lead vocalist, Bruce Lamont, was highly noticeably deemed as a Male Sex Pot! Pairs of Penny Lanes were plentiful and blatantly showing animalistic hunger for A "Zep," a big sandwich with a filling in the middle ( 2011.) A "Zep" is also another name for the band mates of the original Led Zeppelin. 

Getting back to sandwiches, I caught girls and full grown ladies looking up at the members of Led Zeppelin 2 with dazed, but not confused, glazes. I caught a girl unbuttoning the 3rd, 4th or fifth button of her busty friend's top. What a sight for Led Zeppelin 2 to have seen while up on stage! Yet, they sustained their concentration on their playing and overall performance.
Afterall, these guys are professionals with many accomplishments under their belts. For instance, Bass Guitarist, Chris Klein, and Lead Guitarist, Paul Kamp were part of the groundbreaking, 90's Chicago-based band, Busker Soundcheck together. Busker Soundcheck earned multiple mentions on prestigious critic's "Best of Lists." Bruce Lamont has also been a lead vocalist for the critically acclaimed band, Yakuza. Drummer, Ian Lee is no slouch either, for he has the great honor of being featured in "How to Be John Bohnam--A Drummer's Guide ( 2011.) 
To zip it up, Led Zeppelin 2's second set was even better than their first one on all levels. And after their 4th encore, I lost track of how many more songs they played after that! I can say with the utmost of confidence, though, the crowd at the House of Blues on January 7th, gave them "A Whole Lot of Love," and they proved they deserved it!
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