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Friday, 03 June 2011 12:48

Jann Klose in concert; Just awesome! Featured

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The winter has thawed, the temperatures have risen, and the rains wash away the evidence of the crimes called winter. The Skokie Theater (7924 N. Lincoln Ave. Skokie, Ill. 60077) was definitely the place to be for a little relaxing music and help the audience shake off the cabin fever they have been experiencing since the middle of October. Jann Klose stunned the crowd with musical moments that won’t soon be forgotten. Concert goers attended not just a concert, but more of a showing of ecstasy.
The lights come down on the stage that was set with care and the adrenalin starts rushing through your body as it becomes engulfed with excitement as the concert is about to begin. Seeing a professional musician perform is like taking a spin on a thrill ride at your favorite amusement park. They take you down a road sending you spinning with intoxication. The music provided by Jann Klose was the thrill ride for the evening. His voice and guitar work were definitely an “E ticket” attraction.
The Grammy nominated Klose spent the evening playing and singing his heart out. Nice selections from all five of his studio releases were played and a sweet set list of songs was laid out before the audience to enjoy.  A song performed to perfection was “Doing Time” from his 2007 release, Reverie. This song is truly a masterpiece and possibly the best song written by this artist so far. The peaceful little ditty has uniform, tranquil, serene moments that make it just a delight to listen to. “Doing Time” is a wonderful gem of a song!
The evening seemed to be packed heavily with good quality music by Jann Klose. His ability was apparent on everything he played. This artist touches your musical inner spirit down deep within your soul, and becomes a part of you. He makes your foot tap, your head bob, and moves you around the room. This musician actually becomes such a huge piece of your inner core.
Klose continued to strum his way through the evening playing one great song after another. The musical works of art were flowing from the stage. The singer songwriter started the show with confidence and everyone within the theater got to see a show that was fantastic and a great reproduction of his studio works.
As the night wound down, Klose brought to an end his presentation of musical greatness. He gracefully entertained a receptive audience. As he said his farewell to the crowd it was apparent that there was just a cordial musical presentation that could not be beaten.
With winter finally getting shown the door, the Skokie Theater had a very nice musical presentation that wowed everyone. Jann Klose shook off the cabin fever for the lucky individuals who were present to see the showing of ecstasy. The excitement was over and the ride had come to a complete stop.  As the concert goers exit this musical ride of excitement, they depart the theater speechless. They have never seen such a phenomenal show. Odds are they may never see a show this strong again. Jann Klose is just awesome!!



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