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Friday, 10 February 2012 17:14

The Klank; an awesome band Featured

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A super rock pop group is hard to find. Anyone that covers music from multiple eras can be a great find as long as they are playing good music from each era. Where can you find a band that will do melodic music from the 60’s until now? The answer is The Klank.

These guys are as cool as a band can get. A five piece band takes the stage tearing it up as not many bands do. When they come out and start their set with a little Cheap Trick, you really don’t know if they are taking prisoners or just lining up the bodies after they knock you dead.

As their set unfolds Shawn Stuckey the lead singer wails his way through a song by Paul McCartney. Within his vocal range you will find no significant barriers that keep him from entertaining a crowd. He just tore it up within every note sung and just kept giving it his all.

Larry Meger on the drums has a precision hit to everything he does and doesn’t seem to run out of gas ever. His timing and capabilities are quite clear on each song and he never seems to stop hitting with a dynamic range that is just fantastic. The man must have a built in clock.

The low end master is Joe Kuehl. The man didn’t have a monster bass rig and it wasn’t needed for the kind of music that was being done. This bass master jumped in and played his parts and locked with the drummer the entire time. A wrecking ball couldn’t knock his timing off. 

Peter Kuehl jumped back and forth between six string and twelve string guitars depending on the song and what was needed. He held his own within their songs of choice to play and he did it with a certain charm. This man’s ability was clear on everything as he is quite an amazing musician.

Completing this pop group on lead guitar was Johnny Million. He tore up the neck during so many songs that if there was an abuse agency to call for battered guitars, a call could’ve been placed. At the end of the show, he purposely ripped and busted all the strings off of his guitar providing a show, not just music.   

This band covered classic rock songs from The Beatles, The Cars, Elvis Costello, and others. Their versions of other songs were right on the money and they will steal the show from the bands that come on after them. In most professional bands, they would not want to follow The Klank.

The set list that they played is being kept a secret as it really needs to be a surprise what this band does. It was a shock to the people in the crowd and if a person goes to their show, they won’t want the shock factor taken from them. It needs to be experienced firsthand what they do.

If you are looking for a kick ass power pop band to go see live, you may want to find the band The Klank. Within everything they sing and perform, concert goers can’t go wrong with this band as their choice for the band of the day. Their entertaining quality is superb and rises above most of the rest of the bands within the Chicago area. Simple question to ask; are you ready to rock? 



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