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Monday, 03 May 2010 11:58

Transatlantic Thrills Chicago!

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Transatlantic takes a bow after their frenzied show at the Park West in Chicago (photo by Tom Crambes)

Music lovers need to be aware of this amazing Whirlwind of a band on tour - Transatlantic is the combined artistry of Neal Morse (formerly in Spock's Beard), Roine Stolt (from the Flower Kings), Pete Trewavas (Marillion), and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). Currently on a small US tour supporting their most recent album, The Whirlwind, Transatlantic plays a combination of progressive and psychedelic rock conjuring up bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Genesis.

Originally forming and releasing their first album SMPTe in 2000, Transatlantic now has a total of 3 albums and usually does a short tour after releasing a new disc. In this case, they're doing 5 concerts in North America and 17 in Europe. Fans of the supergroup have been waiting for a tour for quite a few years now and definitely came out en force to the Park West in Chicago.

There was no opening act and Transatlantic played for several hours - opening with the title track from their new album, The Whirlwind. The entire concert hall was singing along with the band and this left no doubt in my mind that most of the people in attendance could be called dedicated fans. Filling out the sound was Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation), who added backing vocals, guitar, and percussion to the mix.

Highlights of the show were "Is it Really \Happening", "All of the Above", "Bridge Across Forever", and (because it was Mike Portnoy's birthday) there was a good amount of horseplay during the middle of the concert and the band all started up with "Birthday" by the Beatles and got the crowd jesting with Portnoy as well. The Park West is an amazing venue to see such a high caliber band at because of the intimacy of the show. At a concert where there are only about 700 seats, one would not expect to be able to see such amazing musicianship as witnessed here in Transatlantic.

Of course all of these musicians will be going back to their regular gigs after this tour ends - but I can only hope that there won't be such a large wait until the next album release and mini tour! If you can catch Transatlantic before they have finished this tour - do yourself a favor... Go, go, go, go!

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