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Monday, 05 July 2010 12:32

Tenn With Jenn: The Foxy Goat Featured

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July's feature is local artist, Lisa Koziol-Ellis aka The Foxy Goat. Don't worry, you'll find out what a Foxy Goat is in a minute. You might have seen some of her art showcased at local galleries all over the city. Her paintings and illustrations are visually moving, thought provoking, and probably like nothing you've seen before. Lisa's jewelery line is also that mix she brings to her art. Bold, hardcore, yet with a softness that doesn't make the controversial ideas scary. She's very self deprecating and jokingly calls her work, 'smut', but it is definitely something you should take a look at.

1. Ok right out of the gate we have to address your name. Because it takes people aback for a second because at first you wonder if this is a bestiality thing or something very bizarre. What is a Foxy Goat, and why do you call yourself that?
TFG: Well, due to my higher levels of perversion, I don’t blame anyone for thinking that. With all seriousness though, it’s roughly what my name means in Polish. ‘lis’ means fox & ‘koziol’ means goat. That is the true origin.


2. Give us the 411 on your art and jewelery. What is your message in your pieces, and what inspires you to explore this genre?
TFG: I find inspiration in the world. It’s tendency to malfunction and its unexpected beauty set my mood to just pour out what I feel . Even the lovely characters I meet! I just want to capture my adoration for them in a portrait! Jewelry-wise, I love to made necklaces that are vibrant & unique. Those that have bought a piece from me always say that they feel as if it were made for them. The satisfaction I feel is so rad!
3. What is the biggest judgment and misconception people have about your art? What do you want them to know?
TFG: Some individuals think I’m just creating something bizarre just for shock value. I dabble a lot in symbolism , so those art pieces actually have meaning behind them. Sometimes, they are so raw, I feel vulnerable exposing them!
4. Work of Art, that new reality TV show on Bravo is a huge hit, and people are seeing sides of artists and the art world that they haven't before. Would you do a show like this? Why or why not?
TFG: I‘d love to on that, like flies on a hot turd!There’s more to art than the common flowers, meadow & still life . To be given the opportunity to challenge yourself to such extremes is orgasmic!!


5. So what is the big "Foxy Goat" dream? Your own gallery? An Andy Warhol type popularity amongst celebrities? When do you sit back and say, "Yep. I made it."
TFG: It’s when my name is significant enough, where I can use it to gain recognition for charities that are hardcore important to me!


6. _______, buys a piece of your art, and you are so star struck you just might die. Why?
TFG: Pants down…I mean, hands down...Larry Flynt! He is the smut God! If he buys what I created, I’ll take it that I have his blessing to spread my kind of perversion like a pair of legs….
7. What could someone ask you to do as an artist that you would consider "selling out".
TFG: Asking me to tone down my risqué style of art, to be more appealing to the mainstream.


8. Have you found it hard to break into the Chicago Art community? Which galleries have been the most accommodating?
TFG: I adore The Nineteen Hundred & One Gallery in Chicago. Not only are they very welcoming, but they’re diverse ! They promote & host artists in every medium- from performing arts to visual arts. They do so much to promote those who are outside the ‘mainstream’ & offering a place for them to express themselves. It’s always a pleasure to hang my smutty art on their walls.
9. Favorite Quote/Motto: 
TFG: Blam!

10. Best thing about being an artist is....
TFG: Having the ability to create your vision & feeling that release!


Be sure to check out Lisa's website for more information on her art, jewelery and upcoming events.

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