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Wednesday, 06 April 2011 17:13

Lords of Acid Perform Perfection Featured

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The night is still young and the fun is about to begin.  The energy of the Cubby Bear is bouncing off the walls, and fans are excited.  Lords of Acid take the stage, lead by Praga Khan, and the enthusiasm is higher than an ADHD child without medication.  The announcement of a new lead singer makes the crowd even happier.  DJ Mea comes to the stage with a confidence of a performer that has definitely been on a stage for more than a few performances.  She is like the hot girl that every guy wants, but can never take home.  She interacts with the crowd as though they are her friend, but they will never be good enough to walk down the aisle.

DJ Mea is able to talk with the crowd and share in their enthusiasm.  She enjoys singing all of the greatest hits just as much as the fans love hearing them.  They played everything from their Lust album, including the song “Pussy.”  The band plays as fully charged as they want their crowd to be.  Khan keeps the crowd going better then any hip-hop hype man, and DJ Mea keeps the crowd intrigued.  The people in the crowd are able to enjoy the hits that cover an entire lifetime of an average of five bands.  They’ve been around for a long time and consistently show us why; their drive for always being fresh and new in unmatched.  Don’t miss this band on tour—you would miss one great show!



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